Exploring How God Teaches Through Adventure and Calls Us to Do the Same
by Bruce Dunning
"God of Adventure is an exciting yet meticulous exploration of how Scripture reveals that followers of God can be transformed through adventure experiences."
— Garth Friesen

Professor at Steinbach Bible College

"In this text, Bruce Dunning takes this concept and provides a firm biblical foundation, and then offers some practical guidance on creating environments and programs to help this happen."
— Dr. Lester R. Zook

Outdoor Ministry and Adventure Leadership
Eastern Mennonite University

"In this groundbreaking book Bruce Dunning offers the field of Christian adventure ministry a sound theoretical and theological basis for helping people to make positive changes in their lives."
— Dr. Phil Simpson

Chief Executive Designate, Abernethy Trust

"Adventure learning has long been with us but seldom understood or valued as the powerful tool for learning and personal transformation as this book so clearly shows it to be."
— John H. Wilkinson

Executive Director of Toronto YFC
25 full-time years in higher Christian education

"Without a doubt Bruce Dunning has focused on two life-altering realities: the life saving power of God through His Son, Jesus Christ, and the life changing power of adventure learning."
— Dick Hammond

Co-author of “The Empty Bag”
Owner of Leadership on the Move

"Drawing on Scripture and his 30+ years of experience in the field of adventure learning, Bruce weaves together a theological foundation for outdoor adventure ministry."
— Amy Smallwood

Assistant Professor of Outdoor Leadership, Simpson University
Board member and former president of Christian Adventure Association

"God of Adventure is a seminal and significant piece of work that will definitely bless those in Christian adventure ministries and beyond."
— Dr. Bud Williams

Associate Professor Emeritus at Wheaton College

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Meet the Author

Bruce DunningBruce Dunning has been the Executive Director of Medeba Adventure Learning Centre for over three decades. Medeba is located in West Guilford, Ontario, Canada. more...